Bead Types and Styles

The stringing of beads is one of the earliest art forms known to man and can be traced across civilizations connecting humanity by a common thread. The earliest beads were made of convenient natural materials; when found, these could be readily drilled and shaped, beads nowadays are available in a rage of materials that include Lucite, plastic, crystal, metal and glass, these beads are lightweight and inexpensive and the metal beads will not tarnish or lose their plating.

Seed beads are usually rounded in shape, and are most commonly used for loom and off-loom bead weaving, where as Lampwork glass beads are hand made beads, normally made on a rod or mandrel, for this reason, lampwork glass beads tend to have larger holes.
“Fire-polished” faceted beads are a less expensive alternative to hand-cut faceted glass or crystal, the faceted beads are poured onto a tray and briefly reheated just long enough to melt the surface, “polishing” out any minor surface irregularities from the mold, fire polished beads are defined as faceted cut glass beads that are polished by heating. Most glass beads are pressed glass, mass-produced by preparing a molten batch of glass of the desired color and pouring it into molds to form the desired shape. A smaller and more expensive subset of glass and lead crystal beads are cut into precise faceted shapes on an individual basis.
Modern mass-produced beads are generally shaped by carving or casting, depending on the material and desired effect. Whilst beads are most commonly used for jewelry making, they are also ideal for unique home decorating projects.

Bali Beads are generally a form of partially tarnished, partially polished sterling silver bead initially made on the Indonesian Island of Bali. These beads are now made in many countries in addition to Indonesia including South Korea and India.Many of the designs in Bali beads are instantiations of cultural symbols indigenous to Bali, because of the expense of sterling silver; many Bali-style beads are now made out of a silver-one metal.

African seeds, nuts and beans create cheap jewelry, and carved bone beads have been made for centuries, as have beads made by hammering sheet metal.

India, produces vast amounts of well-executed beads in metal, especially low quality silver, lampwork and wound glass and wood for a fraction of the cost of Czech beads and Venetian. Czech glass beads are made in the Czech Republic, centralized around an area called Jablonec nad Nisou.,Swarovski Austrian Crystal Beads are made by the premier manufacturer of cut glass crystal beads.



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