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Pearl Seed Beads

The fresh water pearl beads from China are gorgeous additions to a jewelry maker’s collection. The pearl beads that have their origin in China are of great quality, rivaling real pearls that are expensive, freshwater beads from China are obtainable at wholesale rates from jewelry shops that trade in them directly from China where they originated, jewelry designers can produce wonderful pieces, lavish in styling and design for necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and pendants for their clients at reasonable rates. The pearl beads are associated with people who were born in June, and are presented during graduations and also at weddings to the bride.

The earliest known form of the pearl beads from China was in 206 B.C. when the privileged and wealthy people used the beads in numerous Chinese rituals. In imperial funeral rituals, the freshwater pearl beads were placed on the mouth of a dead person to preserve the body and keep it from decomposing. Today China leads in the production of freshwater peal beads. In order to harvest the freshwater beads there is a waiting period of between three to six years. The farmers who harvest the beads in China make use of improved farming techniques to remain competitive in the bead business. After harvesting, most pearl beads are taken to Hong Kong where they are exported to international markets.

Saltwater and freshwater pearl beads are fascinating because they are the only known gemstones, which are from living things. The freshwater pearl beads are found in mussels; whilst saltwater beads are grown in oysters but they the both come about in the same fashion. To manufacture the pearl beads irritants are introduced into the mussels making it impossible for the mussels to expel the irritant; until in the end the irritants covers the mussels with a discharge referred to as nacre.

Freshwater pearl beads are composed wholly of nacre; the nacre gives the freshwater beads an incandescent quality, which is equivalent to ordinary pearls. Freshwater pearl beads can be bought half-drilled for making pendants, rings, and earrings or fully drilled so they are suitable for making bracelets and necklaces. Freshwater pearl beads do not require any polishing or cutting because they are made of shell and are very long lasting, do not readily wear out or damage easily The beads can be found in a variety of colors besides the original white, the other colors of the beads that are available and are very popular include gold, pink, black, peacock blue, orange-pink, and green. They are found in an assortment of shapes, including the more common round and smooth shapes, and some are rough textured for people who prefer rough looking beads.

There are freshwater pearl beads, which are normal in shape, and there are others, which include an oblong shape (Biwa), rounded beads that are flat on one side, diamond, star, coin, teardrop, rectangle and many others. The variety in the beads colors, shapes, and textures allow designers to use these beads for comprehensive range of jewelry.


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