Swarovski Crystal Bead


Jewellery makers have long known the importance of the Swarovski Crystal Bead,  The unique clarity and the way the facets of the crystal catch the light mean that many jewellery makers will at some point incorporate the Swarovski Crystal bead into their design.

The Swarovski Crystal bead has long been imitated, but the unique high lead content means that many other crystals are seen as inferior. However some products are now coming out of China and it is impossible to tell the difference between the Swarovski Crystal bead and the real thing. That said, the price being charged for the Swarovski Crystal bead imitation is the same price as buying directly from Swarovski and therefore at present there is no real benefit to be had. The other thing to be wary of is that the Chinese crystal beads are being sold under the name Swarovski crystal bead, leading the buyer to believe that they are buying the genuine article.

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