Tanzanite… Brilliant Gemstone

Tanzanite… Brilliant Gemstone

The Tanzanite is a wonderful gemstone that has dazzling looks and it is hailed as being one of the most precious stones of the century. It is named after the East African state of Tanzania; the only place in the world where it has been found The Tanzanite stone was discovered in 1967. The precious crystals grow in deposits on the inside of unusual elevations. For a  long time they were hidden from the eye of Man, until one day some passing Masai shepherds noticed some sparkling crystals lying in the sun,which they scooped up and took with them.

The allure and mystique of the Tanzanite gems can be attributed to the fact that there is only one known source of the mineral. The place where the mineral is found is located in a six-kilometer square parcel of land. The lucky few who have their hands on the Tanzanite gem deposits will most likely pass it on to future generations of their families.

The deep blue of the Tanzanite is fantastic, and runs from ultramarine blue to light violet-blue, The outside layering of the Tanzanite gemstone is normally found in shades of purple and blue however flashes of green, red, orange, yellow and brown are easily noticeable in a Tanzanite gem. The color that most Tanzanite gems are known to bear is the deep blue color. The Tanzanite mineral is also commonly known as the sapphire blue gemstone.

The Tanzanite gems are also widely believed to bear some healing powers, which are linked with the planet known as Saturn. Astrologically all planets are associated with some gemstone. The therapeutic power of the Tanzanite gems is said to be very powerful that it can make a person feel relaxed and it enhances your creative juices the blue color of the gem is what is said to do the above. Besides it is alleged that the gemstone increases the extrasensory powers of an individual. People who own the gem are believed to have creative juices running in their veins at all times.

The uses of the Tanzanite mineral are numerous; the mineral can be used in so many ways especially making jewelry such as earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets, nonetheless, the Tanzanite gem cannot withstand ultrasound and is susceptible to strain and a great deal of care should taken while cutting, polishing, and setting the mineral. When purchasing the mineral you should confirm that the gemstone you are buying bears a rich and deep blue color.

Almost any price you care to name is being asked – and paid! – For Tanzanite gems of good quality and large size. What makes this stone so popular? Is it simply that fantastic color? No, it is also the exclusivity of its origin. The stone is particularly highly prized because it is found in only one place in the whole world. The idea of possessing something that not everyone can own has always been one of the main criteria in the way in which we hold special gems in esteem.





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